The Group

To do one well, you have to devote yourself exclusively to it. Each company in our group is highly specialized in one area, which allows us to guarantee impeccable quality for every type of product needed, at every stage of production.
It deals with the processing 
of polyurethane and expanded resins.
Designs and sells
Acoustic Insulation and Correction Systems.
It markets and resells Fabrics
and Accessories for Upholstery.
Represents several
raw material companies.
The high technical standards of each company, which are constantly being developed, make almost any kind of request feasible.
The close cooperation between our qualified companies, which operate in different but complementary branches of the same industry, offers a comprehensive service both in the supply of materials and in the supervision of production processes.
We are a team. Everyone does what they are best at and everyone works towards a common goal.
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